On 17 July 2020, Sunrise Energy became aware that reports were being circulated to the effect that all loading of Bulk tankers has been suspended until further notice as a result of weather conditions and damage to the multi-buoy mooring at Saldanha Bay. This is inaccurate.

On 8 July 2O2O,bad weather prevented the LPG replenishment vessel from offloading LPG at Saldanha and on 10 / 11July 2020 the Sunrise Energy Multi-Buoy Mooring system in the Port Saldanha Bay incurred some damage, due to that severe weather system over the Western Cape.

Sunrise Energy was fortunately in possession of all required essential spares to repair the damage and the repairs were completed on 18 July 2020, one day after the reports were published and a week after the damage occurred. The terminal was then restocked to its maximum capacity of 5500MT ,is l00% operational and is open for truck loading and transport. In fact, as many as 33 trucks are currently being loaded on a daily basis.

As a result of the above, there is full supply of LPG available in the Western Cape and any suggestion to the contrary is entirely false.

lf you have any queries kindly contact Samantha Potgieter in this regard.


About the author : Simon McCausland

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