Sunrise aims to both improve the quality of life and introduce the benefits of LPG cooking to the local community.


Started in 2018 Sunrise Energy, in partnership with the IDC (who donated 1 000 9kg cylinders), local authority and community organisations, is donating 2 plate cooker units to between 100 and 200 beneficiaries per year.

Units are given to persons with no access to electricity or for who LPG can provide a cheaper and/or safer form of energy to cook with. The intention must be that the cooker be optimally utilised and each recipient will have the means to refill the cylinder when empty. Preference to be given to e.g. single mothers or grandmothers taking care of small children, households with disabled members, elderly persons, as well as soup kitchens and Early Childhood Development Centres that provide meals for more people than just a normal household. Consideration for other organisations/institutions that can use the units to raise funds to benefit any of the above will also be considered.

Our team takes pride in ensuring each unit is installed properly and the beneficiary shown how to use it safely.


Sunrise Energy enjoys taking part in exhibitions at the Mittal Science Center, schools and other Expo’s. Here we get the opportunity to interact with the community and showcase the usage of LPG as product, but also introduce them to one of the largest companies in the West Coast. This is usually also an opportunity to expose learners to possible career opportunities that they may not be aware of.


Sunrise Energy also support community members through bursaries, apprenticeship and enterprise development.