Sunrise aims to both improve the quality of life of the local community and introduce the benefits of LPG cooking to indigent households.

Particularly within the context of the current electricity crisis in the county, the use of LPG for cooking has become ever more relevant, with LPG being the safest, most efficient and cost-effective fuel which can be utilised for this purpose.

In households, LPG is also a very efficient fuel for space heating and water heating.


LPG’s main benefit is that it is portable, with energy available on demand. Even during load shedding, gas is available for cooking a meal or running a heater. In addition to this, LPG is a very efficient energy source, with a typical 9 kg LPG cylinder used for cooking lasting several months before needing to be replenished.

When cooking, the heat is instantaneous and easier to regulate than an electrical element.

LPG cylinders and LPG installations are subject to several pressure vessel and SANS regulations. When used correctly, LPG is an extremely safe energy source. It is also safer than electricity in many respects, as you can small the gas in the case of a leak.

Email MOGSIE if you have any questions related to the safe use of LPG


Sunrise has focused its efforts on responsibly supporting economic development and facilitating safe heating and cooking in nearby homes.

One of our social development programmes is the “1000 energy solutions to 1000 households” project. The work of this project has included the donation of free 9kg cylinders (filled with LPG), with associated two plate gas stoves, to lower-income households in the Saldanha (and the larger West Coast) area. With every delivery, users are also educated on the applications and safe use of LPG.

Additionally, our enterprise development programme includes the enabling of an independent cylinder-filling facility on the Sunrise Energy property by a qualifying BBBEE company, Kusile Gas. This programme has entailed providing Kusile Gas with property for their cylinder filling plant, with the associated fencing and security, as well as a dedicated LPG supply line from Sunrise Energy to the Kusile Gas storage vessel.

Sunrise also participates in local student initiatives and career expos to encourage students to follow careers in the industry and to educate students about LPG.