Modern and Efficient Terminal
Sunrise Energy operates the modern, efficient liquified petroleum gas (LPG) terminal at the Port of Saldanha under an exclusive concession granted by Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA) in terms of Section 56 of the National Ports Act. It is a critical infrastructure asset for the region and key to energy security in the country, as well as economic development.

The terminal is fully compliant with the various licenses and permissions granted under maritime and environmental legislation, amongst others. The facility is world-class, designed to meet international safety and design standards, whilst ensuring maximum operational efficiency and safety.

Sunrise Energy is currently a Level 2 Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment company.

Open Access
Any customer or third party can utilise the terminal for the import of LPG on an Open Access basis if there is uncommitted capacity available in the Terminal. This means that customers utilising the terminal are independently responsible for the import of the LPG to Saldanha on behalf of downstream customers. Customers are also independently responsible for the redistribution of LPG from the terminal dispatch points in the form of road loading gantries.

Sunrise Energy provides the intermediate services associated with the handling, storage, and dispatch of the LPG on the customer’s behalf.


During 2011, Sunrise Energy followed a competitive process and was granted an exclusive concession by the TNPA to operate the LPG terminal at the Port of Saldanha under section 56 of the National Ports Act.

The Sunrise Energy (Pty) Ltd shareholding structure is as follows:

• MOGS Oil & Gas Services (Pty) Ltd (MOGS): 60%

• Industrial Development Corporation (IDC): 31%

• Ilitha Group Holdings (Pty) Ltd (IGH): 9%

MOGS (Pty) Ltd. is majority (51%) owned by Royal Bafokeng Holdings (RBH), the community investment company owned by the Royal Bafokeng Nation Development Trust (RBNDT). In 2016, the Public Investment Corporation (PIC), through the Kuseni (RF) (Pty) Ltd special-purpose vehicle, acquired a 49% stake in MOGS.



Sunrise’s vision is to facilitate access to cleaner, efficient energy for South Africa by being the preferred import terminal for LPG supply into the Western Cape and neighbouring areas.


As Sunrise Energy, our mission is to:

1. Develop, own and operate well designed, safe and durable LPG import infrastructure;
2. Enable the cost-effective and safe import of LPG;
3. Provide efficient terminal services to the market;
4. Facilitate open access to the Terminal facilities;
5. Strive to meet the increased market demand for LPG for the duration of the concession;
6. Ensure the commercial sustainability of the business.


1. Abide by the Law
Including prevention of corruption and abiding by the Companies Act.

2. Honesty
Acting with integrity, avoiding conflicts of interest, ensuring accurate financial reporting and protecting our assets and information.

3. Fairness
Competing ethically and fairly.

4. Respect
Respecting human rights, promoting diversity, and ensuring fair employment practices.

5. Protect
Committed to protecting our natural environment and our community.